The Light Within you is? YOU ; – )

There is an incredible source of Pure Divine Love and Light within us all – Truly this is our True nature and Consciousness.

Whilst being brought up on Earth we may temporarily forget this as we accept our individual name family environment culture etc…. BUT the moment we open our hearts and discover the Light within us we are FREEEEEEE ; – ) x

So what is this Light within our Heart – it is Divine – Pure & Perfect : – ) Yes you ARE PERFECT.

Ultimately all of our Souls extend from Source aka God/ess and ultimately we are ALL Brothers and Sisters. Our Souls inherit all the Pure and posirive qualities of God/Source : – ) COOL RIGHT? Right ;-). SIMPLE : – ) x.

Now we also have a Personal Family of Light which we love and they love us at such a Pure and high vibration of Love it is difficult to portray in words. Essentially our Soul is one of 12 extensions of our Higher Self (a more expansive source of Love/Light) which extends from God/ess. Your Family of Light is always within and around you and can be contacted by asking them to make their presence known to you.

Within our heart we are already our Soul Higher Self and Source God/ess x. We are all the Microcosm and the Macrocosm x.

x ~ As Above So Below ~ x

We are all One x absolutely and unequivocally equal x – Now we also have a unique gift/skill and ability within each of us which we can gift to creation – hence the Joy of service when we actualise our presence for the benefit of all. This will unfold when we are ready and the conditions are right to birth our presence Soul/Higher Self/Creator Source into the World.

Much Joy x

NOW : O )

Surender Center and live in the moment x

“A great deal of what people say, think, or do is actually motivated by fear, which of course is always linked with having your focus on the future and being out of touch with the ‘Now. As there are no problems in the Now’, there is no fear either.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Soul Embodiment x

You hold a divine aspect of the Creator within your being, so pure and unique; it is for you to deliver this to the Earth and all of humanity. You may not know what this energy is, the wisdom it speaks of or even how it will influence the ascension of all, this doesn’t matter as it is still bestowed upon you with the purpose of sharing. The more you discover, express and expand your soul embodying it deeper into your being the more you deliver an aspect of the Creator to the Earth and humanity.
Every soul upon the Earth is wishing to find themselves, to discover their truth and to realise their origins, this is the same for every person whether they are aware of it or not.
You are searching within you for the aspect of the Creator which you have contracted to download into the Earth, however you are also searching to connect with the aspects of the Creator others are downloading as uniting with these would mean you realise yourself as a greater whole and truth of the Creator.
This symbolises that every person upon the Earth is equal and holds the same purpose; you cannot achieve your purpose without the support and presence of other souls in human form as they cannot without your presence. We share our consciousness with you so you may see how precious you and all of humanity are, you are not randomly placed upon the Earth, you have all contracted to achieve the same purpose and yet you all will execute it in numerous diverse ways and forms. We to some extent are also contacted to achieve the same; to download our own truth from the consciousness of our civilisation into the Earth to bring forth and highlight an aspect of the Creator.
Extract from channeled message 'Origin to Synthesis by the Andromedans' by Natalie Glasson - Sacred School of OM NA. To Continue reading please click-here x.